Free Fitbit Premium for 90 Days (Requires CC)

Free Fitbit Premium for 90 Days (Requires CC)

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3 thoughts on “Free Fitbit Premium for 90 Days (Requires CC)”

  1. GregariousGoliath

    Can anyone who has premium speak to the benefits aside from workouts, videos, and health/exercise tips? If one is independent with exercise, is the only extra thing the advanced sleep tools? What are those?

  2. > Anyone new to Fitbit Premium can get a 90-day free trial of this paid subscription, which includes personalized health insights, health guidance, advanced sleep tools, customized programs, and 150+ workouts from fitness brands like barre3, Daily Burn, POPSUGAR, and Yoga Studio by Gaiam, to help you stay active at home. If Premium isn’t available in your region, and you haven’t tried Fitbit Coach yet, we’re offering a 90-day free trial, so you can stream video workouts on your phone or computer. To access Premium or Coach, all you have to do is visit the Fitbit app. We hope this helps to make this difficult time a little bit easier for you.

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