FREE Cirque du Soleil Performances at Home

FREE Cirque du Soleil Performances at Home

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6 thoughts on “FREE Cirque du Soleil Performances at Home”

  1. My husband works in diplomatic services, when we were stationed in China we received tickets to their Beijing Chinese circus… probably the greatest artistic performances we have ever seen. About 10 years ago, we were home here in Belgium, the Cirque du Soleil came through here, the theme was mainly Chinese performances and acts… compared to what we had seen in Beijing it was terrible and amateur at best.

    A couple of years ago at their insistance we met up with many of my relatives in Las Vegas when we were in the States. Since they didn’t attend our wedding they insisted on treating us to the Cirque du Soleil but we explained that after Beijing we weren’t into cheap amateur Chinese circus’ – we opted instead for a quiet evening in a restaurant while they all attended the Cirque without us.

    I really don’t understand why people have gotten so excited about this cheap Chinese circus done in French?

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