Free Baby Shower Games – Belly Stuffing Game

Nothing is more refreshing or rejuvenating to the human spirit than the prospect of a newly born baby girl or boy. Children are a gift and thus we should celebrate the coming arrival. Baby showers afford the opportunity to celebrate the coming newborn. They also give friends and family members who are well wishers to contribute something to the growing family. It is of no surprise then that we want those who come to enjoy the baby shower event. One way we can do that is with baby shower games. They’ll get everyone in a merry mood and get your party off to a great start.

Here are some ideas for games at your upcoming baby shower.

Belly Stuff “Pregnancy Race”

This game has two phases to it. First you will need to blow up balloons that are evenly sized. These balloons should be well made and stronger than your average balloon. You’ll need to have quite a few balloons. Now get a group of your friends or family and challenge them to stuff their shirt with as many balloons as possible. The person with the most balloons wins.

Now make sure everyone keeps those balloons in their shirt when this first contest is done. Round 2 is next.

Have your guests who have their shirt stuffed with balloons race against each other in the backyard without allowing the balloons to fall out. They can pop; they just can’t lose the balloon out of their shirt. If you are really adventurous try using water filled balloons.

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