Former Senator Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO particles however the Pentagon would not let him see | Boing Boing

Former Senator Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO debris but the Pentagon wouldn't let him see | Boing Boing

Within the New Yorker, Gideon Lewis-Kraus dives deeply into the US authorities’s slow-but-sure acknowledgement of UFOs. In fact, simply because a flying object is unidentified doesn’t imply it is a flying saucer piloted by an extraterrestrial. (It doesn’t suggest it is *NOT* piloted by an ET both.) That stated, it is clear the place former Senator Harry Reid stands on the matter. From the New Yorker:

In [a 2017 New York Times bombshell story, journalists Helene Cooper, Leslie Kean, and Ralph Blumenthal] wrote that Harry Reid “believed that crashes of autos from different worlds had occurred and that retrieved supplies had been studied secretly for many years, usually by aerospace firms below authorities contracts.” The day after its publication, the Instances needed to append a correction: Senator Reid didn’t imagine that crash particles had been allotted to non-public army contractors for examine; he believed that U.F.O.s might have crashed, and that, in that case, we ought to be learning the fallout. Once I requested Reid in regards to the confusion, he advised me that he admired Kean however that he had by no means seen proof of any remnants—one thing Kean had by no means truly claimed. He left little question in our dialog as to his private evaluation. “I used to be advised for many years that Lockheed had a few of these retrieved supplies,” he stated. “And I attempted to get, as I recall, a categorized approval by the Pentagon to have me go take a look at the stuff. They might not approve that. I do not know what all of the numbers had been, what sort of classification it was, however they might not give that to me.” He advised me that the Pentagon had not offered a motive. I requested if that was why he’d requested sap standing for aatip. He stated, “Yeah, that is why I needed them to try it. However they would not give me the clearance.” (A consultant of Lockheed Martin declined to remark for this text.)

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