Former CIA chief shares his ideas on UFOs | Boing Boing

Former CIA chief shares his thoughts on UFOs | Boing Boing

On his in style Marginal Revolution podcast, Tyler Cowen interviewed John O. Brennan, who ran the CIA for 4 years below the Obama administration. On this excerpt, Cowen asks Brennan to present him the true story on the proof we have been seeing recently of UFOs noticed by army pilots.

BRENNAN: I’ve seen a few of these movies from Navy pilots, and I need to inform you that they’re fairly eyebrow-raising while you take a look at them. You attempt to make sure that you’ve as a lot information as doable by way of visuals and likewise various kinds of perhaps technical assortment of sensors that you’ve on the time.

Additionally, I imagine, it is essential to succeed in out into different environments and discover out, had been there any sort of climate phenomena at the moment which may have, in reality, created the looks of the phenomenon that you are looking at? Had been there some issues that had been taking place on the bottom, or different varieties of phenomena that might assist clarify what appears to be fairly a thriller so far as what’s there?

I feel an essential factor for analysts to do is just not to enter the sort of problem both discounting sure varieties of potentialities or believing prematurely that it’s doubtless X, Y, or Z. You actually must method it with an open thoughts, however get as a lot information as doable and get as a lot experience as doable delivered to bear.

COWEN: On the finish of all that sifting and decoding, what do you suppose is the most certainly speculation?

BRENNAN: [laughs] I do not know. When individuals speak about it, is there different life in addition to what’s within the States, on the planet, the globe? Life is outlined in many various methods. I feel it is a bit presumptuous and boastful for us to imagine that there is no different type of life anyplace in the complete universe. What which may be is topic to numerous totally different views.

However I feel a number of the phenomena we will be seeing continues to be unexplained and would possibly, in reality, be some sort of phenomenon that’s the results of one thing that we do not but perceive and that might contain some sort of exercise that some would possibly say constitutes a unique type of life.

Do not forget nonetheless that Brennan is “the most talented liar in Washington,” so take no matter he says with an applicable measurement grain of sodium chloride.

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