Flat Earther suspected of torching three Masonic lodges | Boing Boing

Flat Earther suspected of torching three Masonic lodges | Boing Boing

On Tuesday, somebody set hearth to 3 Masonic lodges in Vancouver, Canada. Shortly after the fires started, a flat-Earther named Ben Kohlman, 42, posted the next to social media: “I simply cleaned 3 satanic membership homes and no person might do something.” Police have charged Kohlman over one of many fires, and arson fees for the others are doubtless forthcoming. From the Daily Beast:

…Though police haven’t introduced a motive within the arsons, Kohlman’s Fb web page incorporates anti-Freemason assaults that he shared from conspiracy pages, notably pages about flat earth concept.

The incident would not even be the primary time in recent times {that a} flat earther tried to burn down a Masonic lodge. An Australian flat earth conference went off the rails in 2018 when an organizer was accused of the identical crime.

Flat earthers consider—wrongly—that the planet is formed like a disk and that malevolent figures are attempting to trick folks into believing they reside on a globe. However the conspiracy motion has not reached a consensus about who, precisely, is behind the nefarious plot. Whereas some flat earthers blame the federal government or invoke anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, others falsely accuse the Freemasons (a fraternal society) of concealing the earth’s true form.

image: Orlando Ferguson, 1893 (public area)

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