Finding The Right Guru – To Help You Make It Online

I was going through my emails the other day and thinking, there are so many “so called guru’s” out there bombarding you with emails about having the best method or system to make money online it can be rather daunting.

The silver bullet solution

The thing is, while you are trying to create your own little success online you tend to look at everything that comes your way hoping to find that silver bullet solution. So you end up going from one guru to the next looking for the easiest and quickest method to achieve success online.

Maybe there are a couple of silver bullet solutions out there that I don’t know about, I certainly haven’t come across them yet. It has been my experience that the key to making money or achieving any sort of success online comes down to a combination of having a number of helpful tools or resources and a substantial amount of know how knowledge or information about internet marketing and web sites to help you succeed.

I know that you can outsource or buy ready to go systems but you still have to understand the theory and know exactly what’s going on and how everything works for you to negotiate the best terms and get the best results. As an example If you don’t know about the in’s and out’s of SEO you may buy a ready to go site that isn’t SEO optimized.

The internet marketing jigsaw

It’s a bit like a jigsaw all the snippets of useful information and tools are scattered around the table (internet) and you have to choose all the right pieces and put them together to make it work. Now as you know putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle can be quite a challenge. Well multiply that by 1000 and you start to get a fair idea of what the internet puzzle looks like.

Admittedly if it was too easy everyone would be doing it. So the question is…how do you find the right guru to follow to help you put all the pieces together? Word of caution, there are a few scammers out there, but every now and then you will come across the odd genuine guru, but these guys are few and far between.

Who are the genuine guru’s

OK everyone’s out there trying to make a buck but it’s getting increasingly more difficult to determine who the genuine guru’s are and who’s not. The genuine guru’s tend to be the ones that actually give you free stuff that’s of real value and that you can actually use to move yourself closer to achieving your goal. The BS one’s tend to give you rehashed junk that you can get anywhere on the internet, or they’ll give you stuff that is near impossible for a newbie to understand or put into practice.

The genuine guru’s will actually give away some of their little secrets they use to generate their own incomes. Normally these little known secrets aren’t as well known as the garbage that scammers give away which everyone already knows about anyway.

It’s great to come across guru’s who are generally interested in seeing others achieve the same success that they’ve achieved. These are the guys that have done the hard yards in the trenches before reaching the success they have today.

Done the hard yards in the trenches

They remember how difficult it was for them when they first started, they remember those moments where nobody believed or had faith in them, they remember when they didn’t have enough to meet the rent or put food on the table at times, and because of these experiences they never stop giving value to their customers or members.

These are the guru’s you need to follow, they know who they are without me mentioning them, just as the scammers out for a quick buck at your expense know who they are. Unfortunately for newbie’s to internet marketing it may take a few bad experiences before you wake up to the fact that you may have been taken for a ride on a couple of occasions before you can start to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Not to worry put it down to experience and move on.

Failure is not an option

The only time you will ever fail in this business is when you give up. Don’t ever give up and eventually you will succeed, this is one of the fundamental success principles of the universe.

To those genuine guru’s out there I say, keep up the good work your rewards will be even greater, to those scammers out there beware.. you will reap what you sow. To your success.

Source by Vince Doug Low

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