Fate Versus Free Will – What Are Your Life Choices?


If you believe in fortune telling through horoscopes, then you at some point have probably asked yourself who is the winner in the battle of fate versus free will. Perhaps there will never be a clear winner to this unending war and it will rage for eternity.

Fate has been defined as the force believed to predetermine events. It’s the final result or outcome. Fate insinuates you have no choice in the outcome of your life. Who you are, what you become are all predestined by fate. As soon as you come into being, your future is set and irreversible. What the stars reveal in fortune telling is exactly the end you will meet. Fate doesn’t give you rein to modify your future.

On the other hand, free will, fate’s opponent, gives you hope that you are somewhat in charge of your own destiny. Free will can be interpreted as the power of independent action and choice. It lets you make decisions that might alter what fate originally had in store for you. You may not always make intelligent decisions or choices but the end result would be reliant on the choices you did make. Your final outcome would be of your own choosing. Fate would not be involved.

So much of what was originally believed to be in fate’s hands has now turned into matters of free choice. The old saying, “fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends” is no longer valid. At one time, you were convinced that the biological parents you have were predestined. You believed fate delivered you into the family you have. Modern day fertilization techniques have decidedly changed that assurance. Fate is no longer the sole deliverer of babies. Free will also delivers babies now.

If you receive a dire fortune telling, you have the choice to make decisions to alter that fortune or let fate have its way. Either decision is still a decision you make, so free will prevails.

Perhaps you seem stuck in a dead end job and the horoscope tells you not to make any serious changes. Well, you can follow your heart and pursue a job you love or remain in the same dreary job. Your choice, your decision & free will triumphs again.

On the other hand, too much free will could be the cause of the high divorce rate experienced today. Instead of following your heart or fate, you could be picking and choosing certain traits for a permanent partner. Following intelligent reasoning and selecting a partner based on compatibility or other qualities instead of the fate of love may be the reason the divorce courts are so busy.

Claudius, a Roman statesman, said, “Each man is the architect of his own fate.” You have control of your own destiny through the choices and decisions you make each and every moment. Any fortune telling prediction can be altered to result in a good or evil outcome. The battle of fate versus free will rages on in all of us.


Source by Marcus C. S. Tan

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