Embroidery Freebies

Whenever you start a new hobby and skill, and especially when purchasing your equipment and supplies, do not forget to do your research. In fact, when you are getting started in embroidery, it is a good idea to see what incentives or embroidery freebies might be included when you make your purchase.

When purchasing a machine, see if you can get a “package deal”. Look over the incentives and see what is right for you. A good dealer wants not only to make the sale, but to create a happy customer (who will return to their store time and time again), so they are sometimes willing to work with you to create a custom package! Are they offering the embroidery software free or at a discount? Can they offer you some embroidery feebies such as free designs? How about a specialty foot for your machine? Will you be eligible for a “life time” discount by making a machine purchase at this dealership?

What about when you are not making a “big purchase” such as a machine…can you still find embroidery freebies? Of course you can! At some of the craft stores, locally or on-line, you will see that if your purchase reaches a certain dollar amount, you may receive your shipping and handling free, or when you purchase select designs, it might be a buy one get on free. Many stores, both brick and motor and on-line, offer monthly specials, take advantace of these! Usually when you are enrolled in a class the students receive special discounts on the class day.

Join embroidery clubs. These clubs are notorious for offering embroidery freebies to their members!

Any hobby and skill we learn takes time and cost money, so we want to make the best choices possible when we spend our hard earned dollars! Having the right tools and supplies is a major key to our success, and with today’s technology we have the advantage of being able to easily research and compare products, and embroidery freebies, not only in our area, but all over the world!

Some sites offer embroidery freebies, like free design downloads, project instructions, and techniques for successful sewing and embroidery. Take advantage of these embroidery freebies, and put them to good use. Expand your skills! Save money! Test different styles! Create the perfect gift! Add a personal touch to your home d├ęcor!

Never under estimate yourself, and your ability to make good choices. Let your creativity soar, follow your heart, use technology to research products and of course embroidery freebies!

Source by Margaret Moorehead

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