Electrical shock male chastity machine for you | Boing Boing

Electric shock male chastity device for you | Boing Boing

Need a good constricting plastic apparatus on your nether regions giving you electric shocks? Nicely, this male chastity chook cage machine is perhaps what you or your family members are in search of. Although it is not fairly a male chastity belt, many customers comment in regards to the comfortable match this product presents.

It is featured in black, pink or clear plastic, with a brass padlock on the highest. There may be an embedded urethral plug that is available in totally different sizes. I do not even know my hat dimension.

An E-controller is an add-on one might use to nice tune the pecker shocks. One might givs the controlling machine to their accomplice to be at their mercy and be caught off-guard by the zaps, rising the joys. If I have been into this sort of abuse, I believe this product would make loads of sense.

I look ahead to all of the of the intercourse issues that can now be marketed to me on-line following a few of my searches in reference to this submit.

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