Does cyanide actually odor like almonds? An investigation | Boing Boing

Does cyanide really smell like almonds? An investigation | Boing Boing

Extra spectacular than the answer right here is the security precaution NileRed took to keep away from dying whereas seeing what cyanide actually smells like.

Spoiler: bitter almonds, which include excessive ranges of cyanide, are far nearer to smelling like cyanide than common almonds. It seems that cyanide in crystal kind does not have a lot odor in any respect. Prussic acid, or hydrogen cyanide has a type of chlorine odor, apparently.

It seems that common almonds do style a bit like cyanide, even when they do not odor prefer it:

After posting this video, I bought a number of messages from folks saying that of their expertise, cyanide DOES odor like almonds. So, I spent an hour tonight doing a little exams, and I believe the outcomes are fascinating. I did some direct comparisons and the odor of cyanide is distinctly totally different from the odor of almonds. Nevertheless, if I EAT the almonds, there may be typically a faint style of cyanide. I believe it is because candy almonds nonetheless have a really small quantity of amygdalin in them, which may launch HCN. I do not suppose it is sufficient to odor in open air, however in your mouth it may be concentrated sufficient to be detected behind the nostril. It is delicate, however it’s positively a part of the flavour profile. So, whereas I nonetheless do not suppose it is correct to say that it smells like almonds, for some folks, it is perhaps much like the style. To make that connection although, the particular person must a) have the ability to odor HCN and b) be significantly conscious of that a part of the flavour.

Picture: YouTube / NileRed

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