Deus Ex Freezing-Fix For Windows 7, Vista and XP

Wondering why is Deus Ex freezing in your system running Windows 7, Vista or XP? Don't be surprised as you are not alone suffering from this issue. Many Deus Ex fans have reported this problem over the internet. This article will help you to enjoy the game without any disturbance.

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to fix the Deus Ex freezing problem:

Deus Ex System Requirements
Configure Resolution Properly
Update Drivers
Clean Registry Errors
Re-Install Deus Ex
Optimize Computer For Gaming

Deus Ex System Requirements

First of all make it sure that your system is capable to run the game. if your system does not meet the system requirements to run the game, your system may freeze while playing Dues Ex.

Here are the system requirements to play Dues Ex:
300 MHz CPU
4 MB video card RAM
4X CD-ROM drive
DirectX 7.0a
150 MB available hard disk space

Configure Resolution Properly

Sometimes Dues Ex freezing problem may occur due to improper resolution configuration. This issue can be fixed by configuring it properly. Follow the instructions below:

Go to Dues Ex Folder
Open Dues Ex.ini file
In the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] set FullscreenViewportX and FullscreenViewportY to the resolution of your own choice, my settings are:
FullscreenViewportX = 1680
FullscreenViewportY = 1050
FullscreenColorBits = 32
Save and close it

Update Drivers

Dues Ex freezes if the system drivers are outdated. Updating the drivers will fix the problem. Latest drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website if you know the manufacturer name. In case manufacturer name is not known you can update drivers by opening Device Manager and searching for the latest available drivers.

Clean Registry Errors

If registry entries of Dues Ex get corrupt, it may result in game freezing. In order to fix registry entries you need to download and install a System Utilities program that includes Registry Fixing tool. It automatically fixes registry and saves your time as well.

Re-Install Deus Ex

Dues Ex freezing problem may occur if the game is not installed properly or the installation files are corrupt. You have to completely re-install the game to fix the problem. To do so follow the instructions below:

Go to Control Panel
Click Programs and Features icon
Locate and right click on Dues Ex
Click uninstall
Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the uninstall process
Restart your PC
Install Dues Ex again

Optimize Computer for Gaming

Most computers are set to run numerous computer services that keep on running in the background while computing actions are performed on a system. The best way to avoid games freezing in Windows 7, Vista and XP is to use a System Utilities software which can automatically optimize computer services for extreme gaming performance.

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