Creatures giant and small use this wildlife bridge to cross a busy freeway | Boing Boing

Creatures large and small use this wildlife bridge to cross a busy highway | Boing Boing

An increasing number of states are constructing wildlife overpasses so animals can cross highways extra safely. That is good for animals, particularly endangered ones, and it is good for motorists as a result of it reduces collisions with animals. The state of Utah launched a pattern of the critters utilizing one such bridge.

In 2018, Utah officers spent $5 million constructing a particular bridge for wildlife to cross a busy stretch of I-80 exterior Salt Lake Metropolis. 2 years later, the Utah Division of Wildlife Sources proudly shared a video displaying a wide range of wildlife making use of the bridge, from moose to porcupine. UT DWR praised the overpass as a victory for the protection of each animals & motorists.

Picture: YouTube / Now This Information

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