CPA Marketing – Giving Away Free Stuff and Getting Paid From CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is done through CPA networks. Networks are a collection of advertisers that are all looking for leads. They are also all willing to let members of the network promote their products.

CPA Marketing is all about leads. A company is willing to pay you, the affiliate, to generate leads. By leads, I mean someone entering an email address and the company paying you $2 or more. The main attraction of CPA marketing as opposed to conventional affiliate marketing is that with CPA marketing, you are not charging the customer anything. It’s all free and you get paid a ton of money for it.

Getting Approved

Some say that getting approved for a network is not an easy thing to do. Well, actually it’s very simple. Just like conventional affiliate networks, all you have to do is go and apply for the network. They will ask you questions just like any basic application. The main difference is that they will call and speak with you before approving. No matter what other people tell you, you do NOT need a website to get approved CPA networks.

Start Converting

Conversion rates are usually much higher as opposed to conventional affiliate marketing. It is likely that you will see rates of 20% or higher when you are promoting the correct way. Promotion is much different than affiliate marketing promotion. Pay-Per-Click is usually not the preferred method of promotion because of the cost. The big time CPA marketers like to use all free traffic sources.

If you are sick and tired of low conversion rates and tons of refunds, give CPA marketing a shot. If you are brand new to the internet and looking to make money, there is no better place to be. This type of internet business is extremely beginner friendly. Give it a shot.

Source by Danny R Adams

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