Costume Chaos – All the Dressing Fun!

Though the winter holiday season is over, we seek for more way to retain the festive mood. And Costume Chaos is a game that will surely help you in this quest, as here you will run your own costume rental shop. The colorful graphics and wide range of costumes as well as the unique combination of two games in one will guarantee you tons of fun and hours of addictive game play.

Want to see the world? What about earning some cash for it?

Cleo, the main character of the game, is determined to leave her native Hawaii, which are with no doubt beautiful, to see the whole world for herself. But in order to do this she needs money. And the perfect way to earn some money is to work a bit, isn't it? So Cleo decides to take up a job in her mother's shop renting masquerade costumes. Surely, soon she will find herself traveling to Texas, and then … Who knows where people might need the best party costumes ever?

While the basic game play is time-management, and presents nothing really unusual (which doesn't mean it's not fun and addictive), very soon you'll find yourself playing two games at a time. While the stream of customers keeps coming to your shop, each needing measuring, choosing a costume to his / her liking, fitting it and adding accessories, you'll also have to control the Return Bin and wash the returned costumes simultaneously, otherwise you won 't be able to rent anything more.

The Return Bin is a mini-game of collapse type where you have to remove blocks of three or more bags of the same color before the Bin becomes full – and do that while playing time-management in the larger part of the screen. The two games are interconnected, and you get bonuses for the collapse after each customer leaving the checkout satisfied.

During each level you unlock new items for your Store Front Window, and between the game days you can play Dress Up and express yourself creating unique combinations of costumes and accessories from all the unlocked objects.

After almost each level you are also given an opportunity to purchase upgrades for your store, which are rather reasonably priced, and you keep those after moving to next locations. As I already said, the visuals are bright, colors vibrant, and the whole game joyful. So, why not plunge into the festive atmosphere once more?

Source by Sonya Slavina

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