Corporate Giveaways for the Holidays: Food Items

Companies especially the big ones come up with corporate giveaways as their form of advertisement all year round. It is a form of public relations or PR which gives the public an impression of what your business really is. Christmas should not be an exception. Take this opportunity to wish your customers, clients, retainers, contractors, and suppliers a “Merry Christmas”. Or try to be a Santa to your employees and friends by giving them corporate giveaways.

Corporate giveaways are in demand and they range from small items like key chains to big items like golf umbrellas. What these items provide is utility. However, as business grows and trends change, some companies find it practical to use food items as their giveaways. This kind of promotion would only require them to put a card that carries their logo.

Is there anything more original than that? How about food items that can carry your business logo? Imagine a chocolate square that has your own business logo as its design. Isn’t it nice to give someone as unique as that and yet the recipient would think of your company, too, as the chocolate melts in their mouth?

There is now a technology that translates the scanned image — be it a picture or a business logo — into a food design. It’s pretty impressive, really.

There are other creative ways to have your company logo appear in food items as giveaways.

Packaging. It makes impressions last. Boxes, promotional bags, containers like gaverør, ribbons, and gift cards that bear your logo has to make an impact particularly to prospective clients and suppliers regardless if the food item inside tastes better or not. But of course it would be better if the quality of the food item should match or exceed the quality of the packaging.

Choice of food items. The choice ranges from confectioneries to wine. I once received a Christmas basket that contains some of the basic ingredients of a pasta and salad dishes typically served on Christmas Eve dinner. Sometimes, it pays to think of the recipient. Consider the recipients’ gender and food preferences.

Here are my suggestions on food items that would pass as good corporate giveaways:

  1. Chocolates and candies. These items never fail the young and old alike on a holiday such as Christmas. Of course chocolates from Europe would make the recipient say “Wow!” once they open their gift. Speaking of Europe, boxed giveaways from corporate gift sites, such as this one in Denmark, are pretty popular there especially with the abundance of and easy access to Belgian and Swiss chocolates.
  2. Christmas baskets. Contact your suppliers to help you with this one, if you wish. Wrap a bottle of wine, cheese, fruits or other sweets. You may include one of your non-food products or if your business is service, why not insert a voucher or gift certificate? Or if you like, shop online for Christmas baskets and have them personalized.

Personalize it. People want their names on their gifts, even in food items. A short personal message gives them a feeling that you really thought of them. Imagine gingerbread with your logo and personal message, something unique, right? It would not look like it came from a bakeshop around the corner.

Whatever food item you decide to give this Christmas, it is still important that giving should come from the heart. Happy holidays, everyone!

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