Constructing laptop logic within the oddly addicting “NAND Recreation” | Boing Boing

Building computer logic in the oddly addicting "NAND Game" | Boing Boing

nand2Tetris is a famed on-line course the place you construct a pc from the bottom up — studying to chain collectively logic gates like AND and OR and NAND till you have constructed digital {hardware} that may run Tetris. As essayists have described, it is deeply edifying, supplying you with a “I do know kung fu”-like imaginative and prescient into the mental molecules of contemporary computation.

I’ve at all times meant to do nand2Tetris, however till I discover the time, here is a lower-barrier-to-entry providing: NandGame, which starts you off with only the NAND gate, and challenges you to gradually build ever-more-complex circuits through the use of it to craft inverters, AND gates, XOR, and many others.

I simply spent the final hour enjoying it, and it is a blast! An early degree calls for you create an OR gate from NAND gates, AND gates, and inverters, and once I lastly bought it working I punched the air. It is a puzzle recreation based mostly on laptop logic, which is Xtremely my jam.

Brings me again in time, too. Once I was a grade-school child within the late 70s, some extraordinarily forward-thinking elementary-school librarian acquired a e-book describing how laptop logic circuits labored, and detailing the way to construct them utilizing electromagnetic relays. It additionally confirmed the way to chain NOR gates right into a flip-flop circuit that may bear in mind info — and once I noticed, in grade 6, how a machine might be coaxed into remembering one thing, it fried my mind and virtually definitely set me on the trail the place I would spend my whole grownup life reporting about computation and its results on society.

So enjoying this recreation, along with being merely enjoyable, was additionally a Proustian set off for me. Whoever that librarian was, thanks!

(through gnat’s excellent Four Short Links blog)

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