Colorado governor pardons “Balloon Boy” dad and mom | Boing Boing

Colorado governor pardons "Balloon Boy" parents | Boing Boing

Colorado governor Jared Polis (seen here sporting a Boing Boing T-shirt) granted a pardon to the dad and mom who pleaded responsible for staging the notorious “Balloon Boy” hoax of 2009.

From The Guardian:

In granting govt clemency to Richard and Mayumi Heene, Governor Jared Polis stated the couple, now 59 and 56, had paid their debt to society for a “spectacle” that wasted regulation enforcement time and assets.

The couple reported on 15 October 2009 that their six-year-old son, Falcon, had been carried aloft by a homemade helium balloon that had grow to be untethered within the household’s again yard in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Information footage confirmed the silver balloon, resembling a flying saucer, hovering over north-east Colorado for 90 minutes trailed by Nationwide Guard helicopters, as authorities scrambled to reroute aviation visitors round Denver worldwide airport.

ABC Information interviewed Balloon Boy 10 years after the incident:

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