Claim a Free Nintendo DSi XL

Are you planning on upgrading your DSi to a larger console with wider viewing angle and a handy first-party stylus?

You can do that without having to part with two hundred bucks. Get a brand new free Nintendo DSi XL.

There is a legal way you can do that so read on to find out.

Nowadays, businesses thrive mainly on good advertising tactics. If they invest on effective advertising, they will surely earn millions on profits. You too can take advantage of these advertising efforts to get stuff like a Nintendo DSi XL for free. How?

This effective advertising strategy is called affiliate marketing. This is how it works:

• A business will use an affiliate’s site to advertise its products or services.

• The affiliate will attract potential customers to their website with irresistible freebie offers.

• Potential customers like you, will check out the offer and before you qualify, you must complete at least two advertiser offers.

• For every offer you complete, the advertiser will pay the affiliate a commission

• Part of this commission is used to pay towards the freebie you will be getting.

For you to claim a reward, make sure to complete the company’s program requirements. These are basically:

1. Registering for an account on the freebie site

2. Answering a few survey questions

3. Completing some advertiser offers (no payments are involved and the trials can be canceled after the allotted trial period)

4. Refer some friends. For sure you know about ten people who would also want to get a free Nintendo DSi XL

After these steps are completed, you will be receiving a confirmation from the rewards site via email that you are to receive your gift.

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