Chinese language flag pictured on the moon | Boing Boing

Chinese flag pictured on the moon | Boing Boing

China’s space program took important leaps for mankind Thursday because it’s lunar lander, a part of the house car the Chang’e 5, gathered rocks and left the moon to return to Earth. Earlier than the ascent car blasted off it snapped a photo of the flag of China on the moon.

Not solely did Chinese language expertise want to have the ability to scoop rocks from the moon, put them into some type of container and safe them for house journey, it wanted to assemble a tool able to erecting a flagpole to get an image of it. Very similar to the grocery store checkout, we used to rely upon an individual to do issues like that, i.e. 1969’s American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (Analysis can not verify or deny that Armstrong or Aldrin ever labored as grocery store cashiers). Truly, the American flag was put immediately into the moon floor.

Watch the additional quantity of ingenuity it took to place up the Chinese language flag that by no means truly will get put into the floor.

How a lot did it price to verify they’d a tool to boost a flag on the moon? They labored on it for over a yr, for goodness sake. I don’t fault them in any respect, however I am very curious if there was ever a breaking level at which they stated, “The hell with it–we’ll do it subsequent time. That is costing us a shit-ton.” Or, do communist international locations not function that means?

The Chang’e is the third Chinese spacecraft despatched to the moon however the first to have the ability to fireplace engines and take again off for Earth. China does in reality have plans to ship a manned mission to the moon and ultimately construct an area station there. Presently China has an orbiter and rover certain for Mars. I am positive the Martians are trying ahead to a flag planted of their planet’s floor.

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