Celebrate Your Birthday Freebies With These Ideas

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is celebrating its 50th year with a birthday freebies package for the community this year. Celebrating a milestone like this one when there are so many important things to do in this city makes this a special occasion for everyone in the area. This freebie will provide children and adults with some of the best fun and entertainment around. Here is what you can expect this year.

The birthday freebies will include food from some of the top local vendors. In addition to that, guests will be treated to some of the best live music in the area. Milwaukee will play host to a number of musical acts during the day as well as after hours at night. This ensures a fun and exciting atmosphere for kids and adults alike.

There will also be other activities available that do not have to cost money. A representative from the City of Milwaukee will visit your party to talk about some of the other birthday freebies that are available. These include a Kids Zone with activities and games designed just for kids. There will also be special birthday freebies that include Milwaukee city dog tags. They come in four sizes, so there is sure to be one for your furry friend.

On top of the freebie that is offered by the city, there will be other freebies that are offered throughout the year. You will be able to receive an annual Milwaukee Dog Derby which takes place during the months of August and September. If you love watching dogs wag their tails, this is the time to join in. For a very fun experience, the dog derby will feature Milwaukee teams from the past, present and future. This competition is sure to be loved by everyone in attendance. Plus, there will be great food and drinks to enjoy while enjoying this exciting sporting event.

Milwaukee also offers some of the best restaurants in the area to celebrate a birthday with. There are five top rated restaurants that offer birthday freebies. The Cheesecake Factory, Brown’s Chicken & Biscuit, Fatboy Fried Chicken and the legendary Bad Boyz are all featured locations that offer something special for those who attend their establishments. Their most popular dishes include the Chocolate Chip Dog and Chocolate Fondue. You may also want to consider the Big Bad Burger at the Cheesecake Factory. It is rumored that the secret to their delicious burgers is the secret ingredients, but it cannot be stated for sure until you have tried them yourself.

There are many other great ideas that you can use to make your birthday more exciting. Take advantage of what is offered by the City of Milwaukee. If you have special plans, like a trip to the Kohl’s department store, it is always nice to get a birthday freebie as a thank you. As an alternative, why not celebrate your special day at one of the exciting Milwaukee parks that are sure to thrill your guests. Celebrate the season and get a birthday freebie this year!

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