Bored Karen harasses girl in park for strolling a pig on a leash: “It is enormous!” | Boing Boing

Bored Karen harasses woman in park for walking a pig on a leash: "It's huge!" | Boing Boing

A Karen with nothing higher to do accosts a lady and her buddy within the park for strolling a pet on a leash. The issue? The pet just isn’t a canine however a pig.

Like a buzzing, clingy fly on a sizzling sticky day, this Karen is not going to get off the pet proprietor’s case, sticking to the 2 girls who cannot shake her off. She complains that the pig is “enormous!” and that its poop (which the pig’s proprietor cleans up) is an excessive amount of.

“Go away us alone!” one of many girls says, making an attempt to shoo Karen away. “Get away from us!”

Karen tattles to the neighborhood’s home-owner’s affiliation on her cellphone, telling them, “He is taking his enterprise on the grass!” 

“So does all people’s animals,” the pig proprietor’s buddy says.

The pet proprietor explains that the HOA is aware of concerning the pig, however that does not cease Karen from persevering with to harass her. Karen must get a life.

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