Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


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  1. Once you get tired of grinding for rubbish guns that are quickly obsolete, do a Google for ‘Gibbed Borderlands game save editor’.

    Also, play the Assault on Dragon Keep DLC once you have beaten Borderlands 2. It’s basically the true ending of the game. Grind for a purple magic missile slag grenade mod while you’re there. It regenerates grenades and takes the pain out of dealing with the need for slag in the final game tier. Keep an eye out for a hidden slot machine/altar on your way up to the keep for the final boss fight.

    Another thing, Moxxi guns all heal you when you do damage while holding them. They are a great way to get health back. The Rubi pistol is the best in my opinion. You can randomly get a couple of sub-machine guns by tipping Moxxi at her bar. You need to leave and reload the area before you can get another one and once you get the Good Touch electric gun that’s all you’ll get for that play through.

    If you want to fast-loot a high-level chest early in the game, look for the big rock shaped as a ramp that you can use to jump into the buzzard camp in The Dust. Use the Runner for the jump. You can quit the game session and rejoin to loot the chest as many times as you like.

    For the Pre-Sequel, the first boss fight can be a bitch. There’s a jump-pad just inside the boss fight arena. Get on that pad before the cut-scene starts and you’ll find yourself on a higher platform at the end of the cut-scene. The stairway nearby doesn’t get electrified and can be a good place to fight from. Ideally you’ll want to work your way up to the top of the arena near the exit where there’s a platform behind some piping that is a great place to fight from. You should get given an electric sniper rifle in one of the early side-quests, so you can use that to take down the boss. Note that you can shoot the electric balls that the boss fires off.

    If you don’t want to find yourself under-leveled for that fight then you might want to grind the first section of the game up until the point where you complete the quest where Jack gives you a starter shield. The enemies are easy and you get great XP for completing that section. Basically you need to quit the game session once you get the shield and then use the option to reset the game progress (except for the XP). You can find that option somewhere in the main menu.

    Once you get to Springs’s first base there is an area behind it where you have a repeatable boss fight with a Godzilla wannabe. Go out the top of the base and follow the platforms around until you find a cave with lava pouring out of it. Go down the hole inside and the boss fight will trigger. Don’t attempt before level 30 and try to find yourself a shield that gives caustic immunity or protection. Also get a gun that does bonus crit damage (The Doc Longrider shotgun was what I was using, I think?). Wait for the boss to start firing off a caustic beam and just stand in the beam and crit-hit into its open mouth. The Fridgia freeze subi is great for slowing down the boss.

    You’ll get a couple of quests from Tassiter at one point on the space station later in the game. The second one takes you to an infected area of the space station and flows into a quest for one of the infected guys. That quest give you a Fridgia freeze sub-machine gun that you will find essential for taking down elementals before they ascend.

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