Booster Juice Birthday Freebies Canada

Booster Juice is offering three great birthday gifts to celebrate the big day. They have Canada’s largest Juice Bar with over 200 different juices to choose from including Italian, Greek, and Greenberry. They also offer Canada’s largest collection of Juice drinks which include Caramel Apple, French Vanilla, and Banana Split. There are several birthday freebies available for the whole family including a three-pack of their famous Double Cream Coffee for the very sweet on that first cup of the morning.

It’s almost Halloween so why not send the kids out to trick or treat and get a free kids gift? Enter the annual Canadian Halloween Festival held in September. This festival celebrates spooky fun and Halloween treats. There are a variety of ways to participate including drawing pictures or creating your own funny Halloween mask. Kids can learn about different colors and how to create unique images with coloring pages or crayons.

As kids turn four years old they get the chance to take part in the annual Canadian Family Health Day Festival. This is one of their most popular celebrations and is celebrated the last weekend in September. There are a variety of fun activities that make this an exciting time for the entire family. The party usually includes a visit to a Canadian dentist who gives kids free teeth cleaning, a concert by a local band, and a movie at the theatre showing kids a real glimpse into the future. For more information on these events in your area, visit Booster Juice’s website.

October is Canada’s national toy month so parents may want to consider sending the kids out to get some new toys. Whether it is going to a local toy store or online to purchase the latest technology toys, getting something new for the birthday boy or girl is always a nice feeling. Two items that are included in the birthday freebie package are Canada’s latest juice drink and a KitchenAid pasta attachment.

Children love to get free kitchen appliances and these can make for a great afternoon activity with the family. It can also be a good idea to get the latest version of the Blenders used to make ice cream or sorbet. If you have never tried the KitchenAid pasta attachment you will quickly see why it is a great addition to any kitchen arsenal. The attachments do make a difference when cooking homemade meals for the whole family.

October is also Canada’s national holiday so getting a Canada Steakhouse coupon is a great way to get free food and drinks while celebrating the holiday. The coupon can be printed out and taken directly to the restaurant for your party. Be sure to add in any extra money that you would like to spend on appetizers or drinks as well as the price of the meal itself. With a little planning, you can have a wonderful time while celebrating a birthday in Canada at your home with great food and gifts.

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