Bomber Crew (requires Steam account hyperlink to Humble Bundle)

Bomber Crew (requires Steam account hyperlink to Humble Bundle)

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  1. Me gots moderated. If the crosspost doesn’t work, the direct link is here:

    As a reminder to Prime members who prefer DRM-free gaming, ~~Twitch Prime~~ [Amazon Gaming]( already gave this away twice over the past two years.

    Now let me give all of the newbies to Bomber Crew critical info that the horribly incomplete tutorial misses:

    **There is no Shift-queueing of actions so you have to wait for your selected personnel to finish each assigned task before assigning another one.** So if someone is incapacitated:

    1. Select someone able-bodied
    2. Highlight and click on a medkit along the equipment racks on the wall
    3. _Wait_ for the crewmember to grab the medkit
    4. Highlight and click on the downed character
    5. The medkit will be spent and both characters will idle there, waiting for your next instructions

    The game is amazingly theatrical with its external camera but hurt by its barebones, overly mouse-based UI, and the internal camera + graphics can get in the way of your mouse literally trying to highlighting the gun turret, parachute, etc. that you want to select. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it has an endless mode for high scorers.

    More information on how to effectively manage the finicky controls:

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