Billy Ocean’s Loverboy video is means weirder than you keep in mind | Boing Boing

Billy Ocean's Loverboy video is way weirder than you remember | Boing Boing

Billy Ocean’s Loverboy is a strong ’80s bop. If you recall that the lyrics did not get an excessive amount of deeper than “Need to be your lover lover/Need to be your lover lover lover boy/Lover lover, yeah/Need to be your lover lover lover boy,” you may assume the video would observe that storyline and have a person in amorous pursuit of a particular woman. The one particular results essential are perhaps a bit of faux rain or a fog machine.

However the ’80s do not play by your bullshit logic. The video opens with glowing orbs and triangles flying by way of the galaxy to a synth soundtrack. Okay, not too wild. Then cuts to a knight driving a horse on the seaside. Romantic, okay. We are able to take care of this. When the knight will get off the horse with the intention to crawl right into a cave, we see that he’s really some kind of lizard-goat-alien and now the video has actually begun. There are apparent tributes to standard sci-fi like Time Bandits, The Darkish Crystal, and Planet of the Apes, however a lot of the video takes place in a facsimile of the cantina from Star Wars. Bootleg jawas rub shoulders with robotic bartenders and monkey sailors. Billy comes spinning in on a glowing orb to bust out the refrain and retains the get together hype. Watch under and luxuriate in.

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