Avoid Attracting The Freebie Seekers

People love free and I love giving away free stuff but I’ve learned over the years that focusing too much on free just to lure in visitors and sign-ups to my newsletter attracts more freebie seekers than potential buyers, you know the people who really aren’t that serious and never really intend to make an investment.

As internet marketers we’ve been taught that giving away free stuff is a good thing, and for most part it is, but there’s a down side to giving away too many free things that can have a less than optimal affect on your business.

First of all if you base your business on offering lots of free stuff you’re much more likely to attract the freebie seekers. People will come to expect only free things from you all the time so their chances of spending money on your products or endorsements will be far less.

Secondly, drawing interest with free offers is fine but if you provide any old thing just to lure in visitors you won’t do much for your reputation and it won’t instill buyer confidence that your paid recommendations will be any better. Unless you keep your free offerings to a high quality standard you’re viewers may soon become desensitized to your offers or recommendations which means you’ll lose their interest altogether.

Thirdly, don’t give away the store. Keep your free content as a subset of your paid content. Your free content should be used as a promotional strategy that promotes good will and entices a potential buyer. Give away the idea, sell the product.

Don’t get me wrong, I love free and I’m all about finding free or cheap information and tools but if you’re looking to make substantial sales don’t use free as your business motto. By all means be free with your information and continue to offer quality free guides, tools and content but also promote yourself so as to attract the serious customer that has money to spend and isn’t afraid to spend it on quality information, that of course you have.

Source by Elizabeth McGee

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