Australian seashores overrun by snake-infested foam | Boing Boing

Australian beaches overrun by snake-infested foam | Boing Boing

Huge storms within the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland have introduced huge piles of seafoam to the shores—a churning concoction of seawater, algae, salts, fat, and different pollution, deep sufficient for a dog to get lost in.

However puppies aren’t the one factor lurking on this Australian excessive climate occasion. In response to The Guardian:

Nathan Fife, Gold Coast Lifesaving providers supervisor at Surf Lifesaving Australia, instructed Guardian Australia the froth was not good for folks’s well being.

“Well being-wise it is in all probability not nice to let your children play in it,” he stated. “Additionally the marine creatures which may get in it, like sea snakes.”

In response to the Marine Training Society of Australasia, there are 32 species of sea snakes discovered round Australia. Whereas they’re venomous, the danger of loss of life is low.

Australian nature by no means ceases to amaze and horrify.

Sea snakes may be lurking in foam covering storm-lashed Australian beaches [Josh Taylor / The Guardian]

Eastern Australia covered under huge amounts of snake-infested sea foam [Eben Diskin / Matador News Network]

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