Astral Pro– Online Tabletop Gaming — free through the end of April.

Astral Pro– Online Tabletop Gaming — free through the end of April.

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  1. Hello,

    Given current events with the Corvid-19 virus, we know that many of you are taking appropriate steps to limit your outings. Gaming is a social hobby, so these changes in routine naturally have an effect on our gaming. As conventions are cancelled and private gaming groups reconsider getting together in person for their weekly games, it can be difficult to keep the game going.

    We want to help.

    We’re lucky to be partnered with Astral TableTop, a virtual tabletop (VTT) service that lets you connect remotely and play online. Working with Astral, we’re offering all gamers the chance to use the full features of Astral for free through the end of April.

    Astral is already a free service, but it has a ton of extra features and content that you can access with a Pro account. All of those Pro features are now free to you and your gaming group through the end of April.

    How Do I Try It Out for Free?

    Just visit Astral ( and sign up for your free account. You will automatically have all Pro features unlocked. There’s no catch. There’s no credit card to enter and nothing to cancel later. You won’t be billed anything.

    Note! If you’re already an Astral Pro user, we have credited your account for two extra months, on us.

    Astral is easy to use, and it’s free. We hope it can help you and your gaming group to keep your game going. If you can’t be together, you can still game together.

    And don’t worry if you’ve never tried a VTT before! Astral’s goal is to be super easy to use, with a quick tutorial to get you started.

    Stay safe, and happy gaming.

    —the DriveThruRPG and Astral teams

  2. Just played with my party for the first time tonight playing tomb of annihilation. It mostly went well although we spent a lot of time just trying to get all 5 of us comfortable with the interface. We were not able to figure out a few of the following features… not sure if it is integrated yet:

    – dndbeyond character import

    – voice chat/video chat

    – how to hide enemy monster HP

    – Safari web browser does not seem compatible with a lot of map layers

    We are definitely going to try again later in the week. We got to play 2 hours of D&D rather than zero so we are definitely happy!

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