Are Your Children a Fan of Ben 10? I Bet They Would Love to Play Free Online Ben 10 Games!

Ben 10 Games are based on an American cartoon television show about a cartoon super hero named Ben who has the powers to morph himself into various aliens to fight against evil bad guys. These Ben 10 TV shows are well-liked with kids from all over the world. The tv shows were released in North America in October 2008 and in the United Kingdom in February 2009. Instantly, playing Ben 10 Games online has become a huge success with kids. There are several Ben 10 games online; you or your children will have many hours of free games to play online!

Ben 10 Critical Impact is one of the most popular and played Ben 10 game on the internet. A meteor shower is threatening to slam into the earth. Ben 10 needs your help to save the planet. You can not do anything about it while Ben 10 is a common boy, but luckily he isn’t!. Press the Z key to transform into a Heatblast. When you are a Heatblast you can press space to shoot and destroy the meteors. However, Heatblast can not do anything about the obstacles on the road. Press X to transform into Ghostfreak and pass through obstacles. This game is filled with fast paced action and shooting. Can you help Ben save the Earth from an onslaught of deadly debris?

Ben 10 Alien Balls is a really fun and entertaining game to play. Ben has found a crypt where an evil machine is used to make Vilgax creatures eggs. The object of the game is to blow up 3 or more connecting Vigax eggs of the same type. The more you blow up, you gain points and will eventually level up. Every few seconds, new eggs are pushed up from the bottom of the evil machine. If you do not act fast, the eggs will reach the top and it is game over for you.

Another cool Ben 10 game is called Cavern Run. In this game, Ben is trapped in a big dark cavern. Help Ben escape from the cavern by drawing lines between platforms. Try to reach the exit fast, but collect bonus points on your way for a higher score. Look out for mutate icons. Run into them to transform Ben into an alien with special abilities.

Not every Ben 10 game is action packed with lots of fighting. There are quite a few addicting Ben 10 Strategy card games and match puzzle games to play! If you are a fan of Ben 10 or your children are, check out the many Ben 10 games you can play for free online!

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