Are Prize Sites the New Trend?

In the last year or so we have seen a new trend in internet start ups. Instead of just relying on unique ideas and offering services that others don’t, companies are coming out of the gate offering incentives for members in order to get them to stick with them, as well as spread the site to their direct acquaintances. Here are a few reasons this trend should continue and why members of these sites help spread things virally with regard to traffic.

#1 Prize Incentive sites such as GreenZoner Rely on Member to Advertise.

Most of these popular prize sites are ranked in the top 1000 of all websites on the net today. They did this without spending even a dime on advertising. There is no method of internet promotion better than that of rewarding those people who refer their friends or family to the site. This is what we call viral marketing.

#2 There are literally millions of Teens and adults Looking for free stuff online

The market for people looking to earn free prizes seems to be bigger than ever. Teens as well as adults are on the net each day browsing videos, chatting, reading, and participating in discussions already. Why wouldn’t they do the same at sites such as Lockerz where in fact over 15 million members already are? By appealing to this crowd these sites can give prizes away while benefiting from the large amounts of traffic and hours they each spend on their site viewing advertisements.

Will this trend continue in the long run? I think it will. There will always be hoards of individuals out there looking for free stuff, while also willing to spend hours at a time consuming videos and participating in site discussions in order to score the latest iPad, LCD Tv, or Cash Prize.

Source by Brian Krassenstein

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