An Unforgettable Gift by Design

if you are looking for ideas for personalised gifts, a calendar can be a great choice. Many websites will allow you to make your own calendar out of photos that you submit. Not only is this calendar a functional item that you can use throughout the year, it will also be a keepsake that you can cherish for many years because of the special photos within it.
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There are some great websites out there which allow you to upload all of your own photos and create your own unique calendar. All you need is a good quality camera and a little bit of imagination. Make sure that the photos that you are uploading are of a high quality so that they will not look grainy or blurry when they are printed at calendar size.
Creative Reminiscence
When you are creating a calendar for a friend or a family member, it can help to think of a theme that will tie all of the images together. This could be a certain occasion, an idea or something else to give the calendar a sense of unity so that it is not just a collection of 12 random pictures. If you have a good theme, when you flip through the calendar it should tell a story.
Here are a few ideas for themes for your calendar personalised gifts:
• If your friend or relative has just been on a great trip somewhere, you can sneakily steal their memory card and upload some of the best photos from their travels. Make these photos into a beautiful calendar to surprise them with, so that they can always remember that beach in Thailand or that lovely canal in Venice.
• If your recipient loves to cook, you could create a calendar with a new recipe for each month. You can take beautiful photos of the food and include a text box with all of the instructions. Make sure that the food is seasonably themed, such as pumpkin cookies for October and a fresh summer fruit salad in June.
• Why not get a bit silly and do your own parody of a hunky Fireman’s calendar with you and your mates? You could get dressed up and strike “manly” poses, which is sure to get a lot of giggles out of your girlfriends on Christmas morning. This is one of those fun personalised gifts that show off your sense of humour.
• If the recipient of the gift loves their dog or cat, why not compile a calendar of the best pictures of Fluffy? They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy having their furry friend commemorated in a special calendar.
• One idea for giving calendars as personalised gifts on a birthday is to fill the calendar with significant dates and photos from the life of the recipient. As they go through the year, they get a retrospective of all of the important things that have happened in their lifetime.
• A great gift for new parents is a Calendar which commemorates the growth of the baby in its first year. Of course, this gift will take 12 months of advance planning as you will have to make sure that you take a great photo of the baby every month.
• A great gift idea for a brother or sister is a Calendar which is filled with photos of you and your sibling when you were growing up together. You will laugh at all of the silly snapshots and be amazed at how much you have grown.
Feel Good Memories
These are just a few of the many themes that you can use to create calendar personalised gifts. Once you have compiled the twelve pictures you want to use, you can submit them online, add some other personalising details if you wish and order your gift. When it arrives you will have a sweet and thoughtful gift that holds many great memories.

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