Amazon Kindle eBooks for the week of October 06, 2019

Feel free to share links to temporary giveaways of Amazon eBooks (that do not require Kindle Unlimited to read for free) in top-level comments here.

To readers: Remember that ***you do not need a physical Amazon Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks!*** After making a free Amazon account, you can read eBooks for free via Amazon’s official [Kindle Cloud Reader](, downloadable Kindle desktop programs, or Kindle mobile apps 🙂


##Amazon’s **[Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks](**
(automatically updated daily; link only works on desktop, not mobile)


1. Top-level comments to this post are only for temporary giveaways that do not appear in the 100-free link above. Feel free to describe the product.
2. Top-level comments’ URLs must be plainly shown as text; comments with URLs that are concealed by other text-to-click-on may be removed on sight and will need to be redone.
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5 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle eBooks for the week of October 06, 2019”

  1. For today only my children’s ebook ‘The Secret Diary of a Naughty Cat’ is free on all Amazons.
    The link below will take you to your countries Amazon and it is NOT a referral link. 🙂
    Copy link into the address bar.

    Thanks so much

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