Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of October 27, 2019

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of October 27, 2019”

  1. After many years and endless nights of editing I’ve finally managed to get my book republished via kindle and now I’m doing a free promotion for the next few days for anyone who would like to take a look.


    Treat yourself this Halloween with a New Adult Horror story with a paranormal twist, free until October 29th. Journey into a dark era where a young girl tries to simply live her life as a stalker follows her through mirrors. The mystery behind a new group of people unravels many horrifying experiences as a spree of murders seem to follow wherever they and the main character end up.


    Have a great spooky holiday everyone!

  2. SCREEN. Which world will you choose? Free Kindle today.

    In the not too distant future, a technological phenomenon known simply as “the screen” has taken its place at the forefront of society. Allowing much of life to be lived in a virtual environment, the screen has essentially sent much of daily life in the physical realm the way of the dodo. People are adapting quite well, actually, never mind the increasing prevalence of a mysterious neurological disease.

    Misha is one of the rare few who misses the old days when people actually interacted with each other in the real world. Forced to conform to a culture borne out of the modern technology, she struggles to maintain a grip on her own sense of self as well as her physical health. When a series of events lead her closer than she’d ever imagined to the heart of the screen’s true nature, Misha finds herself face to face with an important question, the answer to which her very survival may depend upon.

  3. The Sages of Chelm and the Moon

    Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Chelm – the city of wise fools celebrated in Jewish folklore. According to legend, Chelm was populated by preposterously silly townsfolk. There are numerous tales of their idiotic exploits and the most famous is the story of the people of Chelm and the moon…

    Shlomo Abbas retells the story with a perfect comic touch and award-winning Israeli illustrator, Omer Hoffmann illustrates the tale beautifully. Appropriate for ages 4–8.


    **Free until October 30th.**

  4. Hey everyone!

    Ready for Halloween?

    I present to you my horror novel – **Hate the Sin: A Brutal Horror Thriller Set in Liberia**

    **Corpse Eater. Homewrecker. Marlboro Man. Puppy Slayer. Desecrator.**

    They don’t remember their real names anymore.

    Most of these boys are only thirteen, but they already know what it’s like to kill. They think they know the true horrors. That the civil war in their small African country is the only hell there is. And that the people who give them orders are the only real monsters in this world.

    But beneath their hell lies another – with monsters older than time itself. A mysterious underground world, known as the Keep of the Giants, which is a secret known only to the most powerful of shamans. And when the boys’ raid on a nearby village invokes the wrath of its priestess the beasts that used to hunt on sunless plains come out under the moon to answer her cry for revenge… And they don’t care if their prey is guilty or not.

    **In their undead eyes, everybody’s the sinner.**


    Free until the end of Halloween, so better hurry up!

  5. Looking for a new werewolf story to read this Halloween? My novel, Cursed, is free until the 31st. Please take a moment to check it out! If you read it, I would greatly appreciate any reviews as well.


    With his life now divided between myth and reality, Garrick Elliott struggles to learn what it truly means to be human. As a fledgling lycanthrope, Garrick battles his own dark thoughts and the encroaching threat of hunters, as well as the ever-growing willpower of the beast within. Despite those around him accepting what they are, Garrick desperately clings to a hope of one day returning to his life as a normal teenager. His obsession with ridding himself of the wolf may just be the drive he needs to find a cure—or the fatal error which puts him and his pack in danger. As he vies for control of his own mind, Garrick questions if fighting his affliction is worth the sacrifices he must make, or if he is destined to live the rest of his life Cursed.



  6. *Modern Day Fables is free at the moment and kind of spooky, if you consider a story where everyone loses their personalities to be scary.* [](

    BLURB: Fables encourage kids to think about the question, “What would you do?” They’re not simply dry lessons on how to live life, but rather imaginative adventures with clever outcomes. Adults need fables too! Modern Day Fables presents eleven stories that ask the reader to dive in to the modern day dilemma at hand. 

    * Would you rather live in a screen or in the real world? 
    * Would you join a club that promises to take all your pain away?
    * Would you indulge a magical looking pharmaceutical pill that brings you to a new level of enlightenment and eliminates all anxiety in life? 

    Not everything is as it appears on the surface. Bend, twist, and unfold reality through these fables that ultimately question the status quo and ask both the adult and kid in you: What would you do?

  7. Love Tanks? Download “Victory Follows: Jagdpanther” this weekend on Amazon!



    Its the first in a series of short histories on specific tanks, written by a tank enthusiast. What are you waiting for? Go download a copy!

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