Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of March 08, 2020

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##Amazon’s **[Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks](**
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3 thoughts on “Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of March 08, 2020”

  1. Free Kindle version of [Still Waters Run Deep]( from March 10-14 starting at 12:00am PDT

    My name is Detective Ali Rivers and my last date, which was already the stuff of nightmares, turned worse than I thought possible. I was on a horrible blind date (set up by my mother – long story) and got interrupted by going to a dead body in an alley in my city of Abernathy, Tennessee.

    Next thing I know, a detective from another city is trying to take over my case (hell no), and instead I’m forced to have him on my team to solve the murder. Our case leads us to a ruthless, violent biker gang president who decides I’m the girl for him, a boxer, and a confidential informant who is a lovable stoner kid too honest for his own good.

    While I’m trying to keep my mom’s matchmaking machinations at bay – albeit poorly, our investigation’s list of suspects are turning into victims. Chasing a violent killer in my city of Abernathy is difficult work, but someone’s gotta do it.

  2. My new epic fantasy book [“Blue Blood of Cardiss: Ascendancy”]( is 100% FREE for a limited time, so go out and grab your copy today! Ascendancy follows the story of Thaumlinn Mudson, the heir to a long line of wealthy and powerful monster slayers. However, life for a monster slayer is never easy, and the same goes for Thaumlinn, who may not survive week one! Between the training, simulated fights, a mind-reading professor (who Thaumlinn’s taken a fancy to), and even the craziness of his own team, he’s in for quite the adventure.

  3. Learning about health can be totally fun, like in this humorous cartoon book on homeopathic remedies and personalities. Figure out your own or that of friends and family 🙂 “Picture It: Homeopathy,” free through 3/16 [](

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