Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of January 05, 2020


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To readers: Remember that ***you do not need a physical Amazon Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks!*** After making a free Amazon account, you can read eBooks for free via Amazon’s official [Kindle Cloud Reader](, downloadable Kindle desktop programs, or Kindle mobile apps.


##Amazon’s **[Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks](**
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8 thoughts on “Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of January 05, 2020”

  1. **Lies, Damn Lies and a Vampire Rock Star** – free January 6-10

    >On the eve of Firelight’s last concert of their world tour, their vampire bassist is accused of assaulting a human. The other band members have their own secrets. Can they keep the lucky (and naive) fan who won the chance to spend the day with them from finding out the truth? In a satire of boybands and their fans and a look at what it’s really like to be a vampire in the 21st century, the only thing that sparkles is fool’s gold.

  2. **Enchanted Heart** – free January 6-10

    >Luke Agnelli is is the hottest chef in town. When he goes to a local New Age shop to buy artisanal tea, he meets the lovely owner of the store, Serena O’Brien. They’re immediately drawn to each other, but Luke doesn’t have time for a relationship and Serena is still trying to get over a not-so-recent breakup. Will they be able to open their hearts to each other, or will the stresses of their life keep them apart? Enchanted Heart is a sweet and often humorous romance.

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