Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of December 22, 2019

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of December 22, 2019”

  1. **Tethered** by Vaughn Ashby, a **SciFi** **horror** novel where a man is murdered but comes back the next day and remembers nothing (Free eBook on Amazon)

    **TETHERED** by Vaughn Ashby

    is **FREE** for 5 days on Amazon


    **A mix of Ghostbusters, Hill House, & XFiles**

    Three intertwined stories about Relationships, Regret, Sex, & Time Loops… but not all at the same time that would be weird.

    **Moe**- In 1982, Moe killed a man while defending his son. The next day the man came back. In 1982, Moe went missing. The man continued to come back.

    **Jason**- A cop who saved a mind controlling woman, while doing his best to stay in control of his own mind.

    **Shane**- A paranormal explorer who has to put his skills to the test to save his friend, Jason, while navigating his stressed relationship with his wife.


  2. Dog And Spider Private Investigations, kindle books 1-4 are free until Dec 29th


    Essentially, this series takes place on our world with the main difference being that orcs, elves, dwarves et cetera began being born to humans during World War 2. The series follows the titular couple, a classic drunken private investigator with a dark past, and a dryad cop… also with a dark past. Sometimes the old cliches are cherished for a reason.

    These two desperately sleazy people meet.. not one fateful night at the bar, but after the detective started noticing the raven-haired frail with the viridian eyes leaving for home with a different guy, gal, or any combination of both for the last few months. Sure, she was a bull, but Nick had always kept a healthy respect for the bulls. Since he never tried to step on their toes and always dropped the dime rather than played hero with a “citizen’s arrest” he was pretty well liked by Chicago’s blue knights. Well… maybe not all “knights” since this firecracker seemed to play fast and loose with the rules, but from what he learned she was always willing to put her ass on the line even if it meant she might get cut down. There were worse things a flatfoot could do than find himself in her orbit. two things made it better: every time he looked at her, he felt like he was in act two of a Disney movie, where the Princess was at the end of her rope and could use a little backup to sort shit out. That and she was probably roundheels enough to let him try some things he’d never tried before. Every time he wanted to get up and approach her she’d either left with someone else the same time or the butterflies in his stomach got the best of him.

    The cop? She had noticed the white wolf-eared and tailed (but otherwise human) PI giving her lingering glances for weeks. At first she thought he was some kind of creep, but looking into him showed he looked to be a decent guy, and he was known enough at her station because he had just broken up with that bitch from Dispatch, Lori. It became clear to Jessica that Nick had a cute puppydog crush on her, and that was alright, kinda flattering. He was so pretty that she thought he didn’t belong in a dive bar like the Lusty Succubus, and he was fit, could take care of himself when shit went down, and according to Lori? He was better than average in the sack. And so came the night when said succubus slapped Nick with a bar towel and pointed him her way, Jessica figured it was as good a time as any to give him a roll in the hay to disavow him of that puppy love. Plus, compared to the elves that were bothering her at the moment? Nick could probably sling some premium dick.

    And so from these beginnings we follow them on a journey that railroads from sexy to hilarious, thrilling to downright disturbing.

    Merry Christmas, Ya’al!


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