Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of August 16, 2020

Feel free to share links to temporary giveaways of Amazon Audible audiobooks and/or Kindle eBooks (ones that do not require Kindle Unlimited to read for free) in top-level comments here. Also consider /r/KindleFreebies and /r/FreeEbooks.

To readers: Remember that ***you do not need a physical Amazon Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks!*** After making a free Amazon account, you can read eBooks for free via Amazon’s official [Kindle Cloud Reader](, downloadable Kindle desktop programs, or Kindle mobile apps.


##Amazon’s **[Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks](**
(automatically updated daily; link only works on desktop, not mobile)


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Audible Audiobooks & Kindle eBooks for the week of August 16, 2020”

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