All My Books Are Free – Links in the Comments

All My Books Are Free – Links in the Comments

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8 thoughts on “All My Books Are Free – Links in the Comments”

  1. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, all my books are currently free. I hope you enjoy them and that they provide an escape during this time.

    Stay safe fellow humans,


    [THE REBELLION]( – Prequel to The Legend of the Soul Stones

    [THE LEGEND OF THE SOUL STONES]( – Fantasy, Dark, Epic, Apocalyptic, Alternate Earth, Multi-POV including Antagonists, Unique Magic System with Power Progression that anyone can learn


    [ALTERLIFE]( – Cyberpunk, Thriller and Suspense, Financial, Antihero MC, Single POV, Apocalyptic with a Global Virus Pandemic, Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, Artificial Intelligence, Urban

    [ALTERLIFE II]( – same as above but with gods and guns

    [ALTERLIFE III]( – same as above but with dragon-riding monkeys that throw magical potions


    [THE FARM]( – Sci-fi, Mystery and Suspense, Single POV, Dystopian, Group Dynamics, Isolation, Slavery


  2. Thanks, Matt! I really appreciate you doing this for everybody. I have one book that I plan to read after my current one, but I definitely plan on putting yours next on the list. Stay safe, take care, and have a great day!

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