Aion Spiritmaster Leveling Guide – Fastest Way to Level Your Spiritmaster

Instead of whining like the others on how hard the XP comes in Aion Online, my choice was an Aion Spiritmaster leveling guide. That’s right, as you may have guessed, I like to play a pet class. But no matter what the MMO is, “the juice” of the game is always placed somewhere beyond the level cap. So, playing my Spiritmaster, my first aim was to find the fastest way to level it.

This Aion Spiritmaster leveling guide turned out to be quite an excellent leveling tool. Not only that it was a shortcut to the end game content, it also taught me a lot of useful tips and tricks to play my character.

Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Firstly, in Aion: Tower of Eternity only by doing quests to get XP, just like in other MMOs, is not enough. For fast leveling you need to learn how to combine questing and grinding, and maybe some PvP also. However, the Aion Spiritmaster leveling guide I’ve been using, provided me with rigorously made quest routes, which helped me keep my XP flow quite high. Knowing all the details for each quest I was able to complete them quickly, and more than 3-4 at one time.

As summoner in Aion, you don’t have extremely powerful spells to inflict a lot of damage to a mob directly. So, you need to play your pets at maximum. The Aion Spiritmaster leveling guide taught me how to play my toon at maximum in any situation. Also, I’ve learned everything about stigmas, manastones, buffs, potions and foods which improved my progress by a lot.

Last but not least, this Aion Spiritmaster leveling guide helped me to become a master of flight. If you know how to use each flight cooldown at maximum, it won’t help you only in PvP, but also in PvE and you will level faster.

Source by Phillip O’Riley

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