Age of Conan Leveling Guide – How To Speed Up Your Leveling

Everyone playing Age of Conan knows that the game has brought an outstanding innovation to the fighting system in the world of MMOs. On top of that, the battles pretty realistic and no matter if you are a Barbarian wielding huge two-handers or a Tempest of Set with the power of lightning, once in this fantasy universe, you must be prepared to shed some blood, break a few teeth or tear some limbs apart. One heck of an enemy, though, is the number of 80 levels that a player needs to burn in order to get to the peak of the game. To be effective with my leveling, I used an Age of Conan Leveling Guide.

This Age of Conan Leveling Guide not only that showed me the easiest and fastest way to get to the level cap, it also helped me understand all the aspects of my character and I was able to get the maximum potential out of it. I will reveal here, a few tips and tricks I’ve learned from the guide I used.

Age of Conan Leveling Guide – Tips and Tricks for Faster Leveling

  • Before starting a leveling session, empty your bags of the unnecessary loot. You need as many inventory cells for the quest items and the loot that you’re about to get. Going to a settlement just to sell the loot in the middle of a leveling session is a waste of time.
  • Use all the foods, drinks and buffs available. This will increase the efficiency of the character, allowing to go through the mobs and quests faster. Also, get healing potions for health, stamina or mana to reduce the number of the wipes and to keep your character on the move all the time.
  • The best way to level up in AoC is questing (especially if you don’t have a group), so pick up every quests available for your class. Also, skip the quests that requires group as much as possible, because even if there is a group to complete them, groups tend to waste time.
  • Every time your toon receives a new combo or ability, practice a little bit to learn it completely. It’s very important to know everything that your class can do to be able to play it at maximum.
  • Get new equipment at least every 10 levels. If your class is a melee one, like a Barbarian or a Rogue, the weapons are the first items to be replaced. Fatality chance is a bonus for the armor pretty nice, because every time a fatality on a target procs, you gain a nice regen rate for your health, stamina or mana.
  • If the character has AoE abilities, use them at maximum. It’s always better to kill 4-5 mobs at a time than just one.

Age of Conan Leveling Guide – Questing Strategy

As I said, questing is the best method for fast leveling in Age of Conan. The Age of Conan Leveling Guide I’ve been using is centered on solving quests. As it has the best quest path, it really is the best solution I could choose to get ahead of my guildies with my leveling. All of the quests are explained in a step-by-step manner so it wasn’t possible for me to get stuck on any step of any quest. Basically, the guide shows you exactly where to go, what to do and how. The quests are all connected so that anyone, playing any class, can finish at leas 3-4 at one time, cutting a big chunk out of the traveling or grinding. To make the information for the quests more accurate, this Age of Conan Leveling Guide is enhanced with modified maps which show you the safest roads to follow, between your objectives.

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