A Students Guide To Living On The Cheap

Being a student and being poor unfortunately goes hand in hand and is something that you will have to expect during this period of your life. Of course, all of the drinking, smoking and partying is not helping either, but we are still worried enough about you to put together some of the best money saving tips you students can take advantage of.

Get Hold of Travel Cards!

Rail cards such as the 16-25 one were designed with students in mind, so you should be making good use of them. In fact if you are over 25 and still a full time student, you could also still be eligible for one. You have the option of buying them for a period of a year or three years. They not only knock a third off of all of your rail journey’s but also give you discounts on things such as Cinema and West-End theatres.

Free TV!

A television license in the UK stipulates that you have to pay up the yearly fee if you watch the television as the shows are broadcast. However, if you were to use the Internet to watch what is known as on-demand TV, you don’t have to pay a thing. Simply connect your laptop or PC to the television with a cable and you are set to go.

Cook More and Buy Items in Bulk!

With regards to feeding yourself, it is far cheaper to cook everything from scratch, whilst it is also great fun too. Rather than buying ready meals that may be convenient that are far from healthy and cost a packet, get some cheap recipes off the internet and simply buy the ingredients.

Buy food in bulk too, long lasting foods such as pasta, rice and tinned foods can be bought in bulk at much lower price.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Discounts!

Every student will have an NUS card, so make the most of it. These can help you to stretch your money further. Whilst not every shop is on there, find out which ones are and if you are not sure ask in store if they offer discounts with the card. Many shops simply do not advertise the fact that they have these discounts.

Shop where you Work!

If there is one particular chain that you love shopping at, why not try and get a part time job there? Many of these chains will offer a good staff discount which means you are earning a little extra cash whilst also making savings on the items that you regularly buy from the store. Many stores offer as much as 50% off for employees, particularly clothes retailers.

Purchase Your Own Printer!

You may think that this is a little bit of an odd one but buying a printer will ensure that you do not have to worry about those last minute printings of your assignments. On-site printing at your university will be extremely expensive, so you could save loads. You could even cheekily charge fiends who also need their work printed out.

Acquire Free Condoms!

Nobody has to buy condoms anymore in this country; they can be had for free from most doctors and family planning clinics. Additionally, these family planning clinics may offer free testing for any sexual transmitted diseases.

Drink at Home before you go out!

Going out and having fun drinking with friends can be an expensive occasion, with even student bars costing a lot more than they used too. It is widely known that alcohol is available at a much cheaper price from supermarkets and off licenses than it is in bars, clubs and pubs. So the best idea would be to do most of your drinking before you gout, then buy maybe just one or two and drink them incredibly slowly.

Join a Free cycle Group

You would be surprised at just what people are willing to give away instead of sell or throw away. These types of groups are excellent for people with very little money to spend. The deal is that you would have to go and collect the things that these people are willing to hand over, which is a fair price to pay for free stuff.

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