A recursive tweet that hyperlinks to itself | Boing Boing

A recursive tweet that links to itself | Boing Boing

That tweet above does not look very outstanding, however what it is doing is tremendous bizarre and enjoyable — it is retweeting a link to itself.

How was this potential? Via a bunch of very clever detective work by Oisín Moran. He knew that Twitter points a unique URL for every tweet, which ends with a 19-digit ID quantity — i.e. one among my latest tweets is “https://twitter.com/pomeranian99/standing/1334026979838980096”.

So, Moran realized, if — whilst you had been composing a tweet — you may predict which distinctive ID quantity Twitter would assign to that very tweet, you may put an URL in your tweet that might hyperlink to the tweet itself. Recursive tweeting!

He wrote a long, entertaining post describing how he figured it out — it concerned some good evaluation of the IDs, operating scripts that might create guesses. And le voila

Moran factors out that utilizing this system, one might, in idea, carry out some obvious time-travel …

One different bizarre concept could be to tweet plenty of IDs with timestamps from an excellent bit sooner or later—perhaps a month or a 12 months from now—and see the reactions when individuals realise they had been quote-tweeted a 12 months earlier than they really despatched the tweet! Heck, why restrict ourselves to such short-termism? There’s sufficient room in these timestamps for nearly 70 years of milliseconds. This implies we might truly quote-tweet somebody earlier than they’ve even been born! Now that might be one thing.

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