A Deep Dive Into Cap’n Crunch | Boing Boing

A Deep Dive Into Cap'n Crunch | Boing Boing

Consider Cap’n Crunch, and you almost certainly consider scratching the within of your mouth when consuming the cereal. Nonetheless, the mascot himself has an interesting story. He is even older than the cereal he promotes! However there is a darkish facet to the Cap’n: an argument over his precise rank.

As for the Cap’n, one would possibly assume that an excessive amount of analysis went into designing the saccharine sailor’s uniform, however they might be incorrect. The U.S. Navy follows a strict code defining how uniforms are to mirror rank. Probably the most readily obvious manner for most people to establish a captain could be the variety of stripes displayed on a person’s sleeve. Per regulation, captains put on 4 stripes, commanders three, lieutenants two, and ensigns one, with further thinner stripes for grades between. That is the place the query of Mr. Crunch’s correct rank turns into unsure. Over time, he has variously appeared with wherever from one to a few stripes. Even when apparently serving as Ensign Crunch, nonetheless, he has continued to erroneously make use of the title Cap’n.

There have been so many questions on the Cap’n’s rank that the U.S. Navy even bought concerned. However there’s extra, just like the roundabout manner that Cap’n Crunch led to the founding of Apple Computer systems, all of which you can read about at Today I Found Out.

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