A Collin’s Lab have a look at eInk | Boing Boing

A Collin's Lab look at eInk | Boing Boing

After I was an editor at Make:, one of many merchandise I used to be most happy with that we produced was Collin’s Lab, with Collin Cunningham. When Collin moved over to Adafruit, he took the Lab with him.

Seeing a brand new Collin’s Lab video is an all-too-rare expertise, like recognizing a uncommon butterfly within the wild. You are enriched by the expertise, however you would like you sighted them extra usually.

On this newest Lab, the mad butterfly, er… Collin, seems at EPDs (electrophoretic shows), akin to eink, e-paper, Suppose Ink. He clearly particulars how they work and tears one all the way down to see what’s inside. Spoiler: It is stuffed with stars! OK, it is stuffed with cool microelectronics, however nonetheless — wondrous stuff.

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