6 Sweet Holiday Gifts for Your Co-Workers

It is December and the season of gift giving is just around the corner. Full time employees may not have the luxury of time to shop for gifts this season. And if ever they do, it would be time spent on looking for gifts for their loved ones, but what about friends in the workplace? Somehow co-workers, too, deserve something this season.

As a working mom, I have thought of some creative ways in giving my colleagues some things they would love: food. Just tie a ribbon, put on a gift card and viola! Your gift is good to go. Here are my tried and tested suggestions:

Chocolates. People crave for something sweet and chocolates top the list. I usually buy some boxes of chocolates, local or imported, and tie them with ribbon of my choice and put a small, handmade gift card for a personal touch. Or I can make the box out of colored board paper which you can find in stationery stores. I prefer making cubes and label them as c3 short for chocolate cube. If I lack the time, I just wrap them in cellophane and tie them with beautiful ribbons and insert a personal gift card.

Cookies, cupcakes or bread. If you know how to bake, make one of these in and give co-workers a taste of your culinary talent. Three, six pieces or a dozen of cookies would be enough to stimulate and satisfy their taste buds.

Ground coffee or cocoa. For coffee and cocoa lovers, I would give them ground coffee or cocoa powder sealed in plastic bags. Then I place them inside mugs. There are mugs that can be bought in boxes so just put on ribbons and the gift is good to go. But for mugs that are bought without boxes, use a little creativity in coming out with packaging.

Bottled sauces and salad dressings. This may be unusual but definitely unique for those who would appreciate home-made barbeque sauce, pesto, vinaigrette, pickles, and salad dressings.

Food baskets. If you just don’t have the time to prepare food, buy fruits, chips, cheeses, bottles of wine and make Christmas baskets.

Other confectioneries or sweets. If you know how to make homemade sweets (pastilles and candies), then why not make more and put them in decorated containers like a gaverør? Definitely, it would be a surprise to receive beautifully designed containers filled with assorted sweets. Or if you want something fancy, look for confectionery stores that can customize this for you like this one in Denmark.

But if cooking, baking, or handcraft packages is not your style, do not worry. Some stores do offer these gifts and they’re available online, too. In fact, I’m thinking of giving my kitchen a break this season as they have been used to my goodies (and I don’t want to hear someone saying the word “again”, too) that I thought of giving them something not from my kitchen for a change.

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