5G conspiracy theorists are promoting Faraday cages to place your router in. However there’s an issue. | Boing Boing

5G conspiracy theorists are selling Faraday cages to put your router in. But there's a problem. | Boing Boing

Faraday cages for Wi-Fi routers are the latest 5G conspiracy grift, writes Matthew Gault at Vice. The steel cages “block as much as 95% EMF RF waves”, the ‘blue smog’ feared by claimed radio-sensitives. However there’s an issue: it is onerous to dam 5G with out blocking the remainder of the spectrum, and somewhat wire field is not going to do the trick.

“The field does work at protecting radiation in but in addition Wi-Fi is not going to work except you are in the identical room because the router! It decreases the sign by 90%!! We actually wished to love it however it was unimaginable to make use of our telephones in some other room of the home,” one adverse evaluation stated. If the steel cage is lowering the Wi-Fi power from the router, it is working as designed.

It struck me that the “5G is unhealthy” individuals are fully new to the conspiracy, which is why they assume Wi-Fi is ok regardless that it is only a barely totally different wavelengh of the identical previous radio waves. I’m wondering what the oldschool “Wi-Fi is unhealthy” anti-EMF of us consider all of it.

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