5 Tips On How To Save Money On Your Office Stationery

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It’s surprising how much stationary can cost when purchasing for your office. The more staff you have the more stationary you require to the point where the cost accumulates, eventually leaving you with an outstanding amount owing. You think to yourself ‘how do pens and notepads cost so much’? The answer lies within the excess amounts of unnecessary stationery that is being purchased. Here are 5 ways to help reduce the excess cost and hassle of continuously purchasing new stationery.

Create an Office Stationery Cupboard

If you don’t already, create a stationery cupboard primarily for stationery and relative office products. This will allocate a specific area where stationery such as pens, staplers and notepads can be found. Here employees will find any necessary stationery items that they may require and any shared stationery items that are used between numerous amounts of staff. They should all be kept in this communal area. Inform your staff that once used, they should return it. This will allow you to keep track of how much stationery is being used and help prevent shrinkage.

Bulk Ordering

When conducting the weekly or monthly order, look to purchase necessary items in bulk. Generally if you buy products in bulk, they are offered at a relatively more affordable price opposed to buying them separately or in smaller amounts. It may even be worthwhile to make stationery orders once every 3 or 6 months. This way you will require buying in bulk and in the long-term your business will be saving much more money.

Re-use and Recycle Necessary Items

There are many stationery items that can be re-used and recycled after use rather than disposing them in the trash. People tend to only use half the ink available in pens before disposing and notepads are generally discarded with an immense amount of available space. Be sure to re-use these products as there is no need to discard if they are still usable. New products are often more attractive to use but if you are looking to cut costs this will be a beneficial strategy.

Purchase Online

Purchasing stationery online can be far more affordable then walking into retailers. Not only do the online services provide cheaper prices and the bulk buying opportunities that should be taken advantage of, they also provide couriers to deliver direct to your office, therefore they are much more convenient. You don’t even have to leave your desk and your business is saving time and money from online purchases.

Shop for Hot Offers

You don’t have to spend much time shopping around, however you should explore a few different sites to compare their prices. Typically if you conduct some research you’ll come across a provider offering a special offer on selected items. These offers may be suitable to your needs. Also sometimes when you make a purchase you can sign up to their mailing list and receive member and exclusive discounted offers. For example you may receive an offer for buy 100 business cards, get 100 free.

There are numerous ways to save money on your office supplies and stationery. Be sure to take some of these concepts into account the next time you make your office stationery order.

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