3 Major Components of an Effective Squeeze Page

Nowadays every internet marketer is talking about using Squeeze Page to build up his own e-mail list. “Money is in the List” becomes a motto to internet marketer. So what really is squeeze page and how can you use it to monetize your internet business?

Basicaly Squeeze page is the first web page you will see when you visit a website. It usually consists of three elements. The first one is the Headline with Subheadline, follow by benefits in bullet form and then a Autoresponder opt-in box. The opt-in box is to capture visitor’s name and e-mail address.

Visitors usually have to input their e-mail address before they could go further to see the rest of the website. By typing in the e-mail address, they will usually receive some free materials. Most often is some free valuable information, e-course or even a small application software.

The beauty of using squeeze page is about human psychology. Law of Reciprocity is being exercised here. In exchange for e-mail address, the visitor will get some freebies. Now you might say, “the visitor might not want the freebie!” Well it goes back to the first two elements of an effective squeeze page.

The headline of the squeeze page will determine whether a visitor will continue to read the rest of the web pages in the first 5 seconds they visit the website. For a squeeze page to be effective, you have to create an attention grabbing headline. You can use “agitation and solution” scheme to generate the headline.

Other than the actual wording of the heading, the font and color is very important too. Statistics show that Tahoma 18 point in red yield very good opt-in rate.

The second element of an effective squeeze page is putting your benefits in bulletin form. Preferably with no more than 5 bullets. There are always misunderstanding between features and benefits. One way to test whether it is a benefit or a feature is to ask “so what”. If you can answer that effortlessly then it is most likely a benefit. Just like when people buy a drill from Home Depot, they are actually buying a hole – the solution a drill can provide you. The solution is the benefit!

With an attention-grabbing Headline, 5 benefit-rich description bullets and a free informative e-course offer, you will be able to create an effective Squeez Page which will help you to build your own potential customer list and quite possibly rake in a lot of money.

Source by Howard Ng

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