3 Foot Ninja – The Lost Scrolls

The Lost Scrolls is the first chapter in the "Three Foot Ninja" free flash game saga. For those who are not as familiar with this game, the three foot ninja is the main character in the free online ninja game that goes by his name. This online ninja game developed by Denni Ames, is probably the most popular online ninja game of all time. The flash application is already several years old since it was first seen in the web, and its popularity remains as fresh as it was in the beginning.

One of the aspects of the 3 Foot Ninja which made it such a popular ninja game, is the simplicity of game play. To start with, there are no lengthy instructions manuals to learn, no complicated set of controls to dominate, in fact the game doesn't even have a help menu. All the instructions the player requires are given at the beginning of the game after pressing start. The instruction screen will simply fill you in on the attack keys A to swing the sword, S to throw stars, and D to jab sword. For movement there the good old arrow keys, the up key to jump, and the down key to crouch. It won't take you over a minute to learn these and be on your way to playing the game.

Once the player is done with the controls screen, he is then taken to a small introduction of the game plot. Your character, the 3 Foot Ninja, is on a quest to where he will face many obstacles and many enemies, and must use the power of his swords in order to keep himself alive. In this journey he is required to find the five scrolls of the elders. All five must be collected in order to win the game.

There are three difficulty settings in this online ninja game. As the game begins, you are dropped in some kind of village setting, with your sword in attack stance. There is a detailed menu containing your health stats, amount of stars left in stock, number of scrolls collected, and the health level of your opponent. Each round will present the player with one opponent, and each will be tougher than the one before. Even in easy difficulty setting a beginner will have a hard time facing his ninja opponents. It will take a few tries in order to catch the hang of it and get used to the controls. The player will also need to work on some kind of strategy in order to work his way out difficult situations. Moves like pressing the right arrow key and the up arrow key will result in your character jumping over the enemy, but these are moves you will need to learn on your own, since they are not included in the instructions.

This ninja game online is completely free to play in hundreds of arcade game websites all over the web. It is quite addictive, some will find themselves playing this game for hours and being able to let go of the computer.

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